We will service, repair, and rebuild your keg accessories while you wait. We offer a large supply of replacement parts for your faucets, taps/couplers, pumps, and regulators.

For diagrams and parts lists of the most common keg accessories:


Chrome/Brass Faucet

Item  Part Number  Name
14301Black Tap Handle
1A4301-CHChrome Tap Handle
24302Faucet Collar, Chrome
2A4302BRFaucet Collar, Brass
34306Faucet Bonnet, Chrome
3A4306BRFaucet Bonnet, Brass
44308Friction Washer
54311Ball Washer, Teflon
64312Faucet Lever, Brass
6A4313Faucet Lever, Stainless Steel
74316Faucet Body, Chrome Plated
84318Faucet Coupling Washer
94322Faucet Shaft, Chrome
104324Faucet Shaft Seat Washer
114326Faucet Shaft Nut, Chrome
124322AFaucet Shaft Assembly, Chrome
12A4322ABRFaucet Shaft Assembly, Brass
12B4322A-SSFaucet Shaft Assembly, Stainless Steel
Chrome/Brass Keg Faucet, dallas tx

Stout and Ale Faucet

Item  Part Number  Name
1100-292Threaded Rod
2100-263Knurled Nut, Chrone
2A100-512Knurled Nut, Brass
3100-269Chrome Cam
3A100-470Brass Cam
4100-302Roll Pin
7100-220Top Cap, Chrome
7A100-379Top Cap, Brass
9100-228Spindle Spring
10100-248Spindle Assembly For JESF-3 & JESF-4 Stout Faucets
134318Faucet Coupling Washer
14100-22Spout O-Ring
15100-32Restrictor Plate
16100-33Flow Straightener
17R1000Disc & Flow Straightener
19G9508Spout Pack, Replacement (5 Pack)
beer keg accessories, stout and ale faucet, dallas tx


A System Coupler

Item  Part Number  Name
1102-524Check Ball Retainer
2703-121Non-Return (Torpedo) Valve
4874Coupling Hex Nut
5404-321Gas Hose Nipple, Couplers
6102-530Check Valve
7733-040Pressure Relief Valve
8112-480Handle Hinge Pin
9762-101-F001  Micro Matic F1 Ergo Handle
beer keg accessories, a system coupler, dallas tx

D System Coupler

Item  Part Number  Name
1102-524  Check Ball Retainer
2102-527Check Ball
3733-382Probe, D System
3A733-101Probe, "D" System Stainless Steel
4102-376Probe Ring
6403-014Black Handle Assembly
6A403-012Blue Handle Assembly
6B403-013Red Handle Assembly
6C  403-013Yellow Handle Assembly
7733-363Handle Hinge Pin
beer keg accessories, d system coupler, dallas tx

G System Coupler

Item  Part Number  Name
1B409Check Ball Retainer
2703-121Non-Return (Torpedo) Valve
3762-101-F001  Micro Matic F1 Ergo Handle
4112-480Handle Hinge Pin
5733-040Pressure Relief Valve
8401-038Check Valve - G408 & GTL425 Couplers
9526E5/16" Brass Tailpiece
10874Coupling Hex Nut
11759Neoprene Coupling Washer
12  102-566O-Ring
beer keg accessories, g system coupler, dallas tx

S System Coupler

Item  Part Number  Name
1102-524Check Ball Retainer
2102-527Check Ball
3733-383Probe, S System
4102-533Probe Seal
6403-014Black Handle Assembly
6A403-011Blue Handle Assembly
7733-363Handle Hinge Pin
8733-040Pressure Relief Valve
9102-521Sankey Tap Bottom Seal
10102-530Check Valve
11404-321Gas Hose Nipple, Couplers
12874Coupling Hex Nut
beer keg accessories, s system coupler, dallas tx

U System Coupler

Item  Part Number    Name
1B409Thread Adapter - G408 & GTL425 Couplers
2733-304Torpedo Valve Retainer
3703-121Non-Return (Torpedo) Valve
7762-101-F001Micro Matic F1 Ergo Handle
8112-480Handle Hinge Pin
9733-040Pressure Relief Valve
11401-038Check Valve - G408 & GTL425 Couplers
12759Neoprene Coupling Washer
13526E5/16" Brass Tailpiece
14874Coupling Hex Nut
beer keg accessories, u system coupler, dallas tx


Classic Regulator

Item  Part Number  Name
1183065000Repair Kit - Classic Series Primary Regulators
2440-13CO2 Nut
2A840-13NNitrogen Tank Nut
38404CO2 Inlet Stem - Replacement
3A840-12NNitrogen Inlet Stem - (LHT)
4629088430Molded Nylon CO2 Inlet Seal
4AFG-058O-Ring For Nitrogen Inlet Stem
6240-60 lb Regulator Gauge, Right Hand Threads
66030-3000 lb Regulator Gauge, Left Hand Threads
1600ABGas Shut Off
beer keg accessories, classic regulator, dallas tx

Double Gauge Regulator

Item  Part Number  Name
16240-60 lb Regulator Gauge, Right Hand Threads
1A840730-120 lb Regulator Gauge, Right Hand Threads
266030-3000 lb Regulator Gauge, Left Hand Threads
3840-15Economy Series Primary Regulator Repair Kit
48403Economy Series Regulator Bonnet Assembly
584063Economy Series Regulator Button Spring Retainer
684005Bonnet Spring
784015Economy Series Regulator Pressure Plate
884008Bonnet Gasket
108402Economy Series Regulator Seat Capsule Assy
1184010Seat Spring
12440-13CO2 Nut
12A840-13NNitrogen Tank Nut
138404CO2 Inlet Stem - Replacement
13A840-12NNitrogen Inlet Stem - (LHT)
14440-17QQuad Ring Inlet Seal
14AFG-058O-Ring For Nitrogen Inlet Stem
15751-107Gas Shut Off
beer keg accessories, double gauge regulator, dallas tx

Primary Double Gauge Regulator

Item  Part Number  Name
16240-60 lb Regulator Gauge, Right Hand Threads
266030-3000 lb Regulator Gauge, Left Hand Threads
31319200Bonnet Assembly
43100432Button-Spring Retainer
53902331Bonnet Spring - Premium 640 Series Regulators
63200850Fiber Washer
71302515EDiaphragm Assembly
8MM6400-PRepair Kit, Premium Series Primary Regulators
93500144Seat Spring
10751-107Gas Shut Off
114201080Chrome CO2 Nut
11A840-13NNitrogen Tank Nut
124201051CO2 Inlet Stem
12A840-12NNitrogen Inlet Stem - (LHT)
133500138Inlet CO2 Filter
143200086-NNylon CO2 Inlet Seal
14AFG-058vO-Ring For Nitrogen Inlet Stem
154201075Inlet Seal Retaining Nut
741-082Regulator Seat Tool
741-083Regulator Bonnet Tool - Premium Series Regulators
beer keg accessories, primary double gauge regulator, dallas tx
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