aka: Gott Box / Coiled Cooler

If you’re going to serve keg beer at your party, why not use a portable draft dispensing system! A Jockey Box (aka Gott Box / Coiled Cooler) looks professional, is easy to use, and keeps your beer ice cold. Jockey Boxes are made for one day events or large parties. These coolers are much easier to use and more professional looking than just a regular keg hand pump.

With two 120-foot stainless steel coils, these coolers are ideal for high volume, continuous pouring situations with lots of thirsty people. Set one up at any catered event, wedding reception, birthday party, frat party, camping trip, weekly tailgate party or anywhere else you’d like to enjoy some refreshing draft beer.

Tap the kegs, fill the cooler up with ice, turn on the Co2 and you are ready to party!

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Rental Fee

Rental rates are per day, per box with a 2 day minimum. Delivery, setup and pickup are also available for an additional fee.

Operating Instructions

Step 1
Place the Jockey Box on a table that will support a minimum of 80-100 pounds. The kegs and Co2 cylinder will be placed on the ground next to the table.

Step 2
Tap the kegs, turn on the Co2 and run beer through the coils until you see a small amount of beer flowing out of the faucets. This is known as purging the coils. Note: Coils should be at room temperature. If the coils are iced before beer is run through the system, any water left in the coils from their last cleaning may freeze and cause problems.

jockey box rental, gott box rental, coiled cooler rental, beer cooler rental, dallas txStep 3
Ice down the two coils. Use approximately 60 pounds of cubed or crushed ice to fill the cooler and completely cover the coils. Do not use an ice pick or sharp pointed object to break up ice, as it may damage the coils.

Step 4
If your keg is not chilled (34 to 38° F) your beer may be foamy, as temperature directly impacts the pressure needed to dispense. To maintain proper keg temperature you may need to adjust the regulator pressure to maintain the proper amount of Co2. Start at 30 PSI and increase until the desired flow is achieved.

Step 5
Check all fittings after the system has been iced down and cooled, particularly the compression fittings behind the faucet shank. Note: As the system cools, seals may shrink which can lead to leaks. If there is a leak, simply tighten the fittings with a wrench.

Step 6
Always keep the kegs out of direct sunlight and insulate them if necessary with a blanket or in a tub of ice to avoid rapid temperature increase. You should always keep the kegs as cold as possible before and during use.

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